Invading the Blog World!

Welcome to the Chicago NOW blog! My name is Stephanie, and I am the president of the Chicago Chapter. This is my first post to introduce myself and this blog to the blog-o-sphere…and hopefully encourage women and men in Chicago to read our blog and join up! 🙂 But of course, recruiting for members and volunteers is not just what this blog is for. While this post will be all about Chicago NOW, this blog will also serve as a creative outlet for other Chicago NOW board members to post interesting news, rants, raves, and other fun vignettes, all in the name of important issues for women and girls.

I have been a member of the Chicago chapter for about 4 years. First, I started out as a volunteer, then became a member of the reproductive rights issue team, and then finally joined the board. For the first three years I was the reproductive rights issue team leader as well as secretary and volunteer coordinator. This past May, I was elected as president when our current president had to step down due to personal reasons. As for my actual job (Chicago NOW is all volunteer-run) I am an associate editor for a commercial investment real estate magazine. So clearly, I like to write. Which is good, because I usually have a lot to say!

So far, things for the chapter have been going really well. With a predominantly new board, we collectively decided to start strategic planning and cut back on many of the events and activities we usually run and participate in. Doing the SP will help the chapter have better internal organization as well as learn to better serve and better represent the Chicago community. We want everyone in the city to think of us when they think of women’s rights! So in essence, we are learning how to increase our visibility. And obviously, writing a blog is one way we hope to accomplish this.

Anyways, we encourage people to leave comments, send us e-mails, and pass along our sight to all your feminist friends…female and male.

In the meantime, happy reading!



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