Understanding the Movement

Although Stephanie did an awesome job introducing the organization and the blog, I knew that before I could dive headfirst into the world of blogs I would need to write my own introduction.

My name is Juana Peralta and I am currently a board member of the amazing Chicago Chapter of the National Organization for Women. I am a staff member at DePaul University in Chicago and a newly transplanted Chicagoan. Many o f the reasons I was attracted to volunteer with NOW are the reasons that drew me to Chicago from Miami, Florida. The primary reason that motivates me to continue to get involved in progressive circles and events is the amazing sense of community in this great city.

I am a self-professed and unapologetic blog addict. I read many of the popular feminist / womanist  blogs – which if you are a feminist blog reader yourself, you know that this is no easy task – and sometimes think of the writers as allies and role models in a world where pop culture is littered with reality TV and celebrities with drug and alcohol problems. But similar to how watching Project Runway won’t make a top designer, reading blogs won’t make me an interesting or successful blogger. In the end, my interest in writing here is to share with likeminded individuals the ideas that motivate me, the articles I find interesting and relating to CNOW, and most of all a creative outlet that may or may not appeal to feminists and hopefully garner their interesting in CNOW.

Michelle brought up an interesting point in her previous post about feminism. What is feminism? Can it be defined? In my opinion, feminism is not a monolithic idea. My interpretation – because at the core, as individuals we all interpret feminism individually, often guided by our experiences and what we’ve been exposed to – has slowly evolved from small pieces to a patchwork of ideas and experience that continues to evolve each day. bell hooks defines feminism as

Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.”

That quote has always been the diving off point for me. It helps me understand what the action, the verb, the living component to the heavy “theory” part of Feminism.

            What inspires you to be a feminist ?




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