I’d like to share an article with everyone and make a quick statement about what’s going on in Iran.  Before the election, I began doing quite a bit of research on the history of the current Ayatollah and the Islamic Revolution.  While I will fiercely defend freedom of religion, I must condemn anyone – including Ayatollha Khamenei – who uses their narrow interpretation of any religious text to oppress women or anyone else.  Some news agencies are claiming that Mousavi, Ahmadinejad’s main opponent, would have been a pro-western president, although it seems to me that he would have been just less guarded about moving forward in talks with the west.   Some have reported that Mousavi wanted to expand women’s rights in Iran… this article expands on the topic .

As I have been following the coverage of the protests in Iran, I’ve felt so many different emotions watching the people – men and women – mix together in the streets to fight for their right to be heard.  We’ve even seen some women attempt to shed some of their government mandated veils.  I desperately wish I could help them. 

Watching all of this unfold, I can’t help but be reminded of the Christian right in our very own country who have been campaigning for decades to make the US a “Christian” nation.  We see this especially when it comes to reproductive rights and LGBT rights.  They gained a great deal of ground under the Bush administration and are still going strong. 

The decision to worship, wear religious clothing, pray, attend a religious service or to abstain from religion must be a decision left to each individual.

Please remain vigilant.


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