6:12pm Plenary II

If anyone can make a three hour drive into a six hour trek, it’s Chicago NOW. Traffic was ridiculous and the line at Subway was even worse. Thankfully, we made it and are now sitting in on what we believe is Plenary II. The schedule for this event includes presentations from Barbara Ehrenreich, Lulu Flores and Donna Smith.

We thought we had missed the presentations, but there has been a hold up. Apparently there is a vote going on now (which I should be voting on) as to whether or not a certain group of delegates should be seated. Since I have no real knowledge of the situation, I will abstain.

Vote has ended and we will continue debating over the delegates. LA NOW has no credentialed delegates because they have no president and have not had one for years. They are campaigning to have their 29 delegates seated. There are only 3 LA delegates here and they fear that if they are seated, the other 26 LA votes will be given away to another group.

Motion to stop all this non-sense and hear the speakers. I will vote to approve the motion. Motion passed. Now we can get to the good stuff.


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