6:41pm Donna Smith – Women of Action Award Recipient

Donna Smith appeared in Sicko – a Michael Moore film.  She was forced to move into her daughter’s basement when she and her husband became ill and did not have health insurance.  Their medical bills eventually caused them to file bankruptcy and ruined their financial future.  Michael Moore took Donna and her husband to Cuba to seek medical care.  He suffered from heart disease and had three heart attacks, she suffered from uterine cancer.

Donna is using her fame to create change.  She is a community organizer and is campaigning for single payer health care.  She has spoken at congressional meetings and has organized numerous town hall meetings and protests.

Donna is sharing her life experience – growing up with the belief that women could change the world; giving birth at 17;  love and marriage and then eventually her husband became ill.  She says her story is not unique, but it is important because it tells the story shared by millions of Americans.

Healthcare is a human right.


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