6:55pm Lulu Flores

President of the National Women’s Political Caucus

Attorney in Austin, TX – Lulu has devoted her life to causes for women, young women and the hispanic community.

Campaigned for Hillary Clinton.  She organized a protest against Chris Matthews and called the press out on sexist languange used during the election. 

Lulu’s Remarks (Paraphrased):

We must continue to work in coalition to work towards equal rights.  We need more women in office to pass legistlation that will advance women and their families.  We can count our victories but our to do list is great – Choice, Healthchare, ERA, Title IX, Pay Equity.  We’ve passed the Lilly Ledbetter act, now we need to pass the Paycheck fairness act.  Approximately one in eight American women are poor… the pay disparity has affected women of color more than any other group.  The Paycheck fairness act will help remedy the disparities.


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