11:00am Candidate Q&A

Q:  How will we increase membership during the Obama administration?  Some say this will be a complacent time.

A: Terry:  Direct mail campaigns, agressive membership  recruitment campaign

A: Latifa: Enhance direct mail renewal program, increase donors, convert people on email list to members.  Direct mail is becoming costly, we must diversify marketing campaign.  Engage chapters to knock on doors.


Q: How will you deal with rural chapters and state chapters that have rural areas?  How will you build membership in these areas?

A: Latifa: Being flexible will be important, invest resources in organizers, use technology to help connect people in rural communities. 

A: Terry: Grass roots actions campaigns that are accessable to the rural chapters.  The national office can provide logistical support to smaller chapters, identify best practices and share them.  Open up online accessability.  Make the NOW website interactive, no one way communication.


Q:  Tell us why you put together the teams?

A: Terry: Based on skillset and life experience.  We all experience oppression differently based on life experience. 

A: Latifa:  Team members are strong fundraisers, they know how to design and win a campaign.  Range of skills, all activists, experts on policy and fund raisers. 


Q:  For VPs: Exactly what is your fund raising experience and how much have you raised for NOW?

A:  Sonia: In 5 years, I have raised nearly $1 Million in New York City.  Building awards, having programs that bring in 300 people, exploring grants, 12,000 in grants, building relationships with foundations. 

A: Bonnie: I am pres. of IL NOW, I understand the importance of raising funds.  I am a volunteer, not a paid staff person, we do not raise money from corps., don’t like the strings that are attached.  Raised money for legal and education fund, help found the women’s assistance fund that raised money to file law suits for sexual harassment and discrimination.  Began telemarketing program that tripled donations for IL NOW.


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