11:15am Closing Comments

Liz Gilcrest (NOW is the Time):  We have a shared vision for the future of the organisation, NOW is the time to build a stronger feminist organisation to lead us into the future.

Janis (Feminist Leadership NOW):  I am working with 4 strong women who know how to get the job done.  We’re not doing as well and we should and this morning we gave you a document that says this is what we’re going to do about it.

Sonia (NOW is the Time): The idea of recreating this organisation was incredibly intriguing.  The obstacles in my chapter are the same we’re having at National. I know I can make a difference.  I have a baby girl, I want a different world for her.

Latifa:  In closing, It’s really important to think of your vision for the future.  What leadership is needed for today?  We believe in change, power, feminist power.  We cannot afford to wait.  Make sure NOW is the feminist org. for the 21st century.

Terry: It’s no secret that chapters are worried about membership numbers.  Chapter leaders feel that they have failed.  I say you’re not alone, we are all in this together.  We will mount and aggressive membership campaign with direct mail.  NOW is really unique, NOW members vote on policy, we vote every 4 years on our leaders.  Not many other orgs have that democratic component.  We must keep us a membership based org. We have to do what we know works by ramping up other methods… I will rebuild direct mail because I know how.  After 9/11 and the anthrax attacks in post offices, our direct mail campaign was threatened.  Kim Gandy went to a bank and got a $4,000 line of credit, draw it down, get on the phone, mail, email, pay it back.  Draw it out, get on the phone, mail, email.  We clawed our way back after anthrax attacks this way.  We want to keep NOW a grass roots community based org.


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