11:25am Challenges Young Women Face – Workshop

Challenges Young Women Face: Health Care

Rachel Lovell from Chicago NOW kicked off the workshop with a discussion about women’s health care in the US.  There is a shocking number of women, 18%!, in the United States who are uninsured.  Even more women are under-insured or receiving public aid for their health needs.  Women of color, especially Hispanic women, are disproportionately affected.  These numbers only include women in the US who are citizens or people tracked in the system.  This means that there is likely a much greater number of women in the US who do not have access to adequate health care because they are on the path to citizenship or they are undocumented workers.  Women generally pay more for benefits because it is assumed that they will use more health care because of our status as the reproducers of the world.   In the personal insurance market, women oftentimes pay three times more as men for only a small amount of money allotted to maternity care.  Unfortunately, the insurance industry forgot that it takes two to tango.  A woman does not make a baby alone and she should not be solely responsible to pay the cost of maternity coverage.

Young women are oftentimes uninsured because:

– Working for Small Business

– Low Wage Job

– Often change jobs in early career

– May risk stability by receiving insurance through a spouse or partner

We hope that Obama’s plan to provide a competitive insurer that is government based will drive down the cost of insurance and eliminate the pre-existing conditions clause.  Women deserve to be treated as equals – health care discrimination must end NOW.

Nice work Rachel!  And thank you for representing Chicago NOW!


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