3:30pm Vent

Ok, I have to do this…. I have to vent about something that’s happened.  Chicago NOW decided to run a workshop, the one from my previous post, Challenges Young Women Face.  It was organized by Rachel – who is more than capable of putting together a stellar panel.  However, over the weeks leading up to this conference, our panel was dismantled by National NOW.  Frustrating.  We wouldn’t have minded so much, if the panel was dismantled and reassembled as a better, more informative panel – alas, it was not.  For one, everyone except for Rachel, including the moderator showed up late.  Then the moderator chastised Rachel for taking up too much time and basically told her to stop talking.  This woman, Martha Burk, was unforgivably rude and used her position as moderator to push her two books.  The information that she did give was completely off topic, and we’re even questioning whether or not it was factual. 

Too bad.  Maybe next year will be better.  This is only one reason why this organization needs change.


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