5:40pm More Drama – The LA President Appears

The LA chapter allegedly had no president but she has now appeared!   She is denying accusations of supporting Sara Palin… some other members who wanted to deny LA of a vote had reported that the LA chapter had supported Palin and had allegedly seen the (former / current) LA president take the stage with Palin twice!

UPDATE:  Since the readers seem to be fixated on this post, I feel the need to add on.   I was informed after posting this information that the controversey over the legitimacy of the LA delegates arose from confusion over whether or not the LA chapter had a formally elected president.  While any NOW member who supported Sara Palin should be totally embarassed about their moment of temporary insanity, support of Palin was never the core reason for the LA debacle… just a fun little side show.



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2 responses to “5:40pm More Drama – The LA President Appears

  1. ricky

    This is just terrible. The National Organization for Women is being accused of supporting a…woman?

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