6:45pm Closing Comments – Kim Gandy

Melody Drnach is introducing Kim Gandy.  She just gave a fiery and well, loud, speech about the fact that Kim never abandoned Hillary Clinton and did not support Barack Obama until Hillary instructed her followers to do so… I don’t know if that’s something to be proud of … but that’s just me.  Math doesn’t lie.

PS.  This is the same Melody Drnach who reneged on our agreement to endorse Mike Quigley. 

Kim’s Remarks (Paraphrased):  When I went back to my room today there was a bouquet of Roses and a thank you note – that bouquet reminded me of the tremendous alliances we have built with this organisation and our work on the issues that touch the lives of all women.  I joined NOW when I was 19 and it has shaped my life since then.  Because of NOW, I went to law school and spent 7 years working for ratification of the ERA.  Then I decided that I couldn’t stand it that the guy who became speaker of the house who had blocked the ERA was running unopposed, so I moved into his district and ran against him.

Every part of that campaign I learned in NOW and shook the foundation of New Orleans politics…  When I was asked to join a team for National NOW, it changed my life… gave me opportunities to work with so many people…. you’ve been with me and I’ve been with you every step of the way… we really are a family, we are the NOW family.  Indianapolis is significant because it was here that I met one of my dearest friends.   I was asked to join the team because I have a background as a statistician and I was known as the budget bulldog.  We started with a huge debt…..

Sorry to cut this off, but uh, I have to go vote.


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