Other Chicago NOW Media Comments on Abbate

Listen for me on WBBM Radio all day tomorrow and look for Chicago NOW in the Sun Times.

Listen to WBBM today here (I think we’ll have sound bites all morning):



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5 responses to “Other Chicago NOW Media Comments on Abbate

  1. Fed Up

    It’s not Abbate fault he was let go it’s judge John Fleming fault make sure the voters are reminded next time we go to the voting booth. Abbate will be fired. But we have to keep after the judge (if thats what you would call him)

    • I would like to know if Judge John Flemming would have the same sentiments if it were HIS DAUGHTER WHO WAS MAULED by a pig like Abbate! Judge Fleeming stated that he “saw no aggravating factors to merit a stiffer sentence.” Uhm excuse me, but was Jedge Flemming even watching the same video that WE SAW???!! He went on to say that he “didn’t feel that giving him (Abbate) jail time would stop people from getting drunk and hitting people.” Again, is this Judge delusional? It’s not about stopping ‘PEOPLE’ from getting drunk and hitting others’ Judge Flemming, IT’S ABOUT PUNISHING ANTHONY ABBATE FOR GETTING DRUNK AND HITTING ANYONE ELSE EVERY AGAIN! THAT’S WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN RULING ON JUDGE FLEMMING! You are as much of a scumbag as the defendant you set free you bastard!

  2. Any word on action to get this scumbag judge disbarred? I’m so hot about this I can’t see straight! It’s a wonder that beheamoth didn’t kill her! OutFREAKINragious. I’ve had more than enough of Crook County & their criminal overlords!

    • eyress

      We will post information later today about a letter writing campaign and possibly a flyer campaign. Meanwhile check for us in the news and make sure to contact the Police Board (Info is Posted on the Blog). Thank you for reading and supporting Chicago NOW!

    • eyress

      New Contact Info Posted for Letter Writing / Calls

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