These two will rue the day they screwed with women in our city!

We were on Fox news this evening and will be on 97.9WLUP tomorrow morning.
Fox Article

The cause is officially going national tomorrow through National NOW and Illinois NOW. Hold on to your hats people!

I think it’s time to start contacting the police department directly. Tell them that you want Abbate FIRED.
Chicago Police Department

Address: 3510 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653
Telephone:312-744-4000 (Non-emergency)

Contact Your Alderman to voice your opinion!

***Remember, stay civil, we do not condone use of foul language or other inappropriate rhetoric***



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2 responses to “These two will rue the day they screwed with women in our city!

  1. Harry Peratesties

    probation for ABBATE ? are you effen kidding me what a light slap on the wrist ! ! if it was Joe citizen beating up that woman , you know that guy would be in jail rite now..
    the only thing ABBATE is sorry for – getting caught on video tape numerous times ..had it not been for the video tape , he would still be the bar bully hiding behind his badge and gun ..

    what a joke pleading self defense, the police dept. don’t train him to protect him self from a woman less than 1/2 his size ? if she didn’t not fall to ground he would have shot her ???

    on duty or off he is a police officer and should know the laws . obviously he does not to which he should not be a police man..

    the next time we hear Tony Abbate’s name will be he will have killed someone ..

    hey DALEY – WEIS – FLEMING wake up ! !

  2. chicagonow

    We received this email from a Chicago resident:

    My name is Maria Ramirez and I am a co-chapter leader for Parents Of Murdered Children Chicago. I have sat thru 2 trials in this jerks courtroom. My sons murderer was set free by this judge and what I can personally tell you is this judge sits there and DOZES off while he is supposed to be listening to testimony or in this case watching it. I did try to get him ousted last Nov but did not get enough support to remove him! BOY am I glad he’s really messed up now and I think we stand a chance to get him OUT Nov 2010. I am interested in getting involved and please know I belong to several victims groups who are behind me! Let’s work together and bring victims some hope for justice by getting rid of this criminal loving judge! What’s the next step?”

    Interesting developments on other cases. If you have more information regarding Judge Fleming, please contact us at
    Juana, Chicago N.O.W Secretary

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