Anthony Abbate – October Status Hearing Update

The status hearing did not happen today. The defense canceled again. The next status hearing is scheduled for October 13th.

The tentative trial dates are November 17th and November 23rd. Anthony Abbate will also appeal his criminal conviction. The new criminal trial dates are unknown at this time.



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4 responses to “Anthony Abbate – October Status Hearing Update

  1. Former Chicagoan

    The way this whole thing had played out, would anyone be surprised if he won his appeals and continued to carry a gun, a badge, and his bloated self around the streets? (Why not just make him chief while they’re at it?)

    • Indeed. Given the virtual endorsement of violence against women in the past by the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, you can be dead certain they’ll be fighting for complete reinstatement for Abbate. Even if the Chicago PD doesn’t violate the law by allowing him to carry a gun, don’t be surprised if they give him a job which doesn’t require him to go armed.

      The fix is in. It always has been.

      • Former Chicagoan

        I agree. And, if they reinstate him, I wonder what’ll happen to Ms. Obrycka. (Something tells me she’s marked, and Abbate may as well do what he plans to do in broad daylight; it’s obvious the gutless CPD will do nothing on her behalf.)

  2. Former Chicagoan

    I just saw that this clown got fired. Maybe the CPD is capable of occasionally acting properly after all.

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