Police Review Board: Anthony Abbate FIRED!

The Chicago Chapter of the National Organization for Women is pleased to report that the Police Review Board has recommended that Anthony Abbate be discharged.  While this is not the ideal punishment for a violent felon, we are pleased that the board recognizes that Abbate is not fit to serve in this city.  This decision sends the message that Judge John Fleming could not: the abuse of women and girls in Chicago must stop!  The police are not above the law!

We wish the best for Karolina Obryka and her family.

Chicago NOW

Click here to read the decision…

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Respondent, Police Officer
Anthony Abbate, Star No. 18601, as a result of having been found
guilty of charges in Police Board Case No. 08 PB 2676, be and
hereby is discharged from his position as a police officer with
the Department of Police, and from the services of the City of

Also, Chicago NOW was present at the final police review board trial… be sure to read our summary here.


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5 responses to “Police Review Board: Anthony Abbate FIRED!

  1. ChicagoEase

    Goliath meets the female David.

    She has more intestinal fortitude than all of the males in that bar put together.

    Abbate can salvage himself, if he chooses to. I guess time will tell.

  2. Given the repeated and very public displays of support for him within the Chicago Police Department, there isn’t one iota of incentive for him to “salvage” himself about to come from THAT quarter.

  3. By David Stein

    Sometimes there is justice. It happened today when that fat, despicable bully Anthony Abbate
    was fired as a Chicago policeman. He is the greasy pig who pummeled Karolina Obrycka, the lady
    bartender who tried to stop his menacing actions towards
    other patrons at Jesse’s Short Stop Inn in the afternoon and evening of
    Feb. 19, 2007. He then got more vicious and beat the crap out of Karolina who was only trying to stop him.
    He punched and smashed her in the face. All 250 plus pounds of him. It was all thankfully caught on videotape.
    That drunken pig would
    have probably gotten away with his illegal and brutal actions if he had not been filmed. Yeah. I love it!
    Now, what are you going to do Anthony? What does a disgraced
    fired ex-cop booted from the force for beating up a woman put on his resume?
    Would you have been so ferocious if someone smashed you in the
    face with a bottle or hit you over the head with a steel chair if you were fighting someone who could fight back. I hate bullies like Abbate.
    They ruin people’s lives. But this time the bullies life got ruined. That’s great.

  4. Former Chicagoan

    I’m pleasantly shocked that the CPD actually did the right thing here. The next time Abbate makes headlines, I hope it’s for doing something that actually lands him in jail or the morgue.

  5. ChicagoEase

    @ Frormer Chicagoan

    …on the other hand, I would really like to see him turn his life around and make something worthwhile of himself. It doesn’t prosper me or anyone else to actually want a person to go bad.

    I believe in the capacity of man to improve. But of course, that is a path that must be willingly chosen. As I said before, time will tell.

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