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National NOW Action Alert – Oppose the Manager’s Amendment!

Take Action NOW: Please call your senators immediately and urge them to oppose the Manager’s Amendment in the Senate health care reform bill, which will effectively make abortion coverage unavailable in health insurance exchanges and, ultimately, in private insurance policies as well. If the Manager’s Amendment passes, urge your senators to oppose the entire health reform bill.

A nearly 400-page Manager’s Amendment offered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), being debated currently, contains a provision every bit as bad as the infamous House-passed Stupak-Pitts Amendment. The provision was drafted to gain the vote of abortion rights opponent Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) and is a complicated variation of Stupak-Pitts. It allows any state to prohibit abortion coverage in health insurance exchanges. In addition, all funds that would pay for abortion services would have to be segregated from other private funds and federal subsidies. This requirement would apply to the tens of millions of women who would buy their insurance under the new exchanges and, in the opinion of expert health policy analysts, would mean that insurers simply would not provide abortion coverage in the exchange plans. Eventually, insurers would stop offering abortion coverage altogether.

The Senate health care reform bill is highly flawed now, with the leadership having been forced by a lone senator, Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), to drop the most important components of reform: a public option and the Medicare buy-in for persons ages 55 to 64. While there are remaining aspects of the legislation that are positive, these three factors — an abortion coverage ban, no public plan and no Medicare buy-in — make the Senate bill unacceptable, in our view.


Call your senators directly to their Washington, D.C., offices (please do not dial the main switchboard, as it is likely overwhelmed with calls from abortion rights opponents), and urge them to oppose the Manager’s Amendment. You can make the call by going to our website, entering your zipcode, and then clicking on the “info” link under each of your senators.

If the Manager’s Amendment is adopted, ask your senators to vote against the entire bill. The Senate does not HAVE to pass this flawed bill before Christmas, but they MUST fix the bill to remove onerous abortion restrictions! And the senators should restore the public option and the Medicare buy-in as well

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Chicago Progressive Radio – Chicago NOW Discusses the Stupak Amendment

Listen to Chicago NOW discuss the Stupak Amendment with Dick Kay on Chicago Progressive Radio!

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This Wednesday: Chicago NOW Celebrates Women Who Dared!!

Thinking about what to do this Wednesday (September 16)? Well, see the above post for details and come to our annual fundraiser, Women Who Dared. Aside from the fabulous feminists who will be attending, the event also will include appetizers, wine and cupcakes! AND…a raffle of Cubs rooftop tickets, an IPod and other prizes as well as a great silent auction:

Hope to see you at this fabulous event!!

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Do You Dare…

Chicago NOW invites you to our annual cocktail reception and fundraiser:

Women Who Dared

This event is the Chapter’s opportunity to thank Chicago leaders for their contributions to the feminist community. For 2009, the chapter is proud to honor Lorie Chaiten, Director of the Reproductive Rights Project for the Roger Baldwin Foundation of the ACLU of Illinois, and Jennifer Koehler, Deputy General Counsel to Governor Pat Quinn.

What: Cocktail reception and silent auction

When: Wednesday, September 16th, 6pm-9pm

Where: Flourish Studios*, 3020 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL 60657,

Ticket Info: $25 in advance or $30 at the door; $60 includes Chicago NOW Membership; $10 for students

Click here to purchase tickets.

We are asking all attendees to please bring a personal care item or toiletry to donate to Deborah’s Place. You can learn more about the organization at:

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, e-mail us at

*handicap accessible

*Childcare provided

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Parental Notification Article

From our friends at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health:
Parental notification law harms women

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Abortion Ruling: Illinois’ parental notification law is cleared to be enforced

From the Chicago Tribune

Federal appeals court rules on law that’s been delayed for years
Tribune staff report

July 15, 2009

A federal appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday breathed new life into a long-dormant Illinois law that requires physicians to notify the parents of teenage girls before performing abortions.

Attorneys on both sides of the issue said the law — which was passed in 1984 and updated in 1995 — would take effect within weeks unless its critics ask for a stay and the three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agrees to put its order on hold pending a rehearing.

Anti-abortion activists applauded the appeals court’s decision as a long-overdue victory, while opponents of the law said the measure was guaranteed to usher in dangerous problems.

“It’s about time the law was approved,” said Thomas Brejcha, president of the Thomas More Society, which fought to have the measure enforced. “It’s ridiculous that it took this long to get a decision.”

Lorie Chaiten of the American Civil Liberties Union, which battled to keep the law from going into effect, said the law “creates unnecessary, dangerous hurdles to accessing essential health care for young women facing an unintended pregnancy in the state of Illinois.”

The appeals court described the measure as “a permissible attempt to help a young woman make an informed choice about whether to have an abortion.”

The law does not require parental consent, only that parents be notified 48 hours before an abortion for a girl 17 or younger.

A provision of the law allows girls to bypass parental notification by notifying a judge instead, a procedure the ACLU argued would not be practical.

The General Assembly passed the 1995 law, but left it to the state Supreme Court to issue key rules governing how minors could seek waivers in court. The Supreme Court never issued rules — opening the door for the lengthy delay and legal challenges.

In 2007, U.S. District Judge David Coar issued the ban on enforcement — an order that was dissolved by the appeals court’s decision.

*Chicago NOW intends to take action against this ruling. Stay tuned for updates!

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RALLY Against the Media Blackout of the Single-Payer Solution to the HEALTH CARE CRISIS!

RALLY Against the Media Blackout of the Single-Payer Solution to the


End Corporate Welfare!

We Want Single-Payer Health Care!

DATE: July 15th

TIME: 12pm

PLACE: Tribune Building

435 N. Michigan Ave.
health 1The crisis in health care is worse than ever. Millions of people have lost their jobs and with it health    insurance because of the economic crisis. Now over 50 million have no health insurance. The Institute of Medicine estimates that 22,000 die every year due to lack of access to health care. President Obama and Senator Max Baucus have excluded the voices of single-payer supporters in the national discussion on health care reform. They said a single-payer system is “off the table.” The way to get single-payer on the table is to keep up popular pressure. The majority of people and doctors in this country want single-payer, a government financed system that gets rid of the private insurance industry once and for all. Help us put the pressure on our media to show our elected officials what we want by joining us for a demonstration.

Sponsored by: Chicago Single-Payer Action Network (CSPAN), International Socialist Organization,

Socialist Action, Immigrant Solidarity DuPage,

Illinois Single-Payer Coalition, & Physicians for a National Health Program

Join CSPAN’s open strategy meetings!

6:30pm on July 14, July 28 and August 11

@ Access Living, 115 W. Chicago Ave.

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