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Boycott Ralph Lauren! Protest Negative Body Image in Advertising! – December 15th!


Next Tuesday December 15th at 4pm, we’re going to have a peaceful demonstration in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Chicago at 750 North Michigan Avenue.

Women, girls, men and some organizations will join us as we send the message to Ralph Lauren and the rest of the industry, no more advertising to women and girls the way that you’ve done in the past.


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October 24th – Chicago NOW Love Your Body Day Event!

Join us for Love Your Body Day on Saturday, October 24th at 11:00am. This year’s event will be held at the Phoenix Military Academy, 145 S Cambell Ave in Chicago. We will have the winners of the LYBD essay contest share their essays.

The topic of this year’s essay contest is “Body image and the media: Together we can fight the media’s harmful portrayal of women’s bodies by…” Everyday, we are exposed to thousand of commercials, advertisements, magazines, etc. that tell us our bodies aren’t good enough and are in need of constant improvement. The fashion, cosmetic, and diet industries have reduced women to body parts – legs, lips, breasts – that are airbrushed and retouched to meet an impossible standard; a standard most people will never attain, even with the “help” of all of the products that the industries want us to buy. Our goal is to engage young men and women in thinking critically about what they see in the media, how the images affect their own feelings and self-esteem, and what they think can be done to stop these negative influences. We are honored to have the group “Sisters Empowering Sisters” and a counselor from Phoenix Military Academy, Darci, to lead activities.

If you would like to attend Chicago NOW’s Love Your Body Day, or if you have any questions regarding the event, please email Jessica Brown jessica.brown.79@gmail.com

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